Guys Attempt to Destroy a Volvo 850 Wagon



So what does it take to destroy a Volvo 850 wagon? Well, as it turns out, quite a bit. As you can see in this video, these guys are determined to obliterate this mid-90s station wagon that probably once served as a suburban mom’s vehicle of choice for hauling groceries and kids around. Who knew it also had a future in demolition derby?

The first clip shows just how much work it might take to kill the 850 – watch how it just completely smashes that little hatchback into nothingness without really doing a whole lot of damage to the Volvo. Then these guys repeat the performance, smashing another little piece of crap car into a twisted heap of wreckage, only to watch the Volvo drive away like it just ran over a speed bump. Those Swedes really know how to make an indestructible automobile that’s practical for the whole family!

After surviving that, it’s apparent these dudes will have to do a lot more to this wagon than just simply run it into cars, and they’re prepared. They jump it over cars, flip it on ramps, stand cars up like bowling pins, and almost anything else they can think of to bury the Volvo once and for all. Finally, after an exhaustive display, they appear to be satisfied with the end result. If you had a blast watching this funny video like we did, hit the “like” and “share” buttons so others can get a good laugh, as well.