Harley-Davidson Celebrates 110th Anniversary in Rome



Every self-respecting Harley man (or motorcycle fan in general, for that matter) knows it’s Harley-Davidson’s 110th anniversary this year, and there have been a ton of awesome events going on throughout the year, and continuing throughout 2013.  It’s easy to think of Harley as just an American company, but they have a massive presence overseas as well, and this video is just a small glimpse into Harley culture on another continent.

Harley-Davidson has done a fantastic job celebrating 110 years in 2013, with events spread out all over the world, featuring sneak peaks at new bikes, great concerts, hundreds of custom choppers, and tons of other attractions for Harley enthusiasts of all ages and demographics. The big shebang takes place in just over a week, August 28th through September 1st in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – the home of Harley-Davidson. Thousands of Harley fans will gather to celebrate 110 years of excellence, and hopefully kick off the celebration of another 110 years.  Any of you guys planning on attending? Let us know if you are, and be sure to like and share and spread the word.