Harley Davidson Motorcycle’s Hard Candy Custom Paint Promo!

harley davidson motorcycles hard candy custom paint promo


The harley davidson motorcycle might very well be the most commonly customized motorcycle of its kind. With over 100 years of motorcycle building history, you can only imagine the diverse bikes that have come to be. From handlebars, to seats, to forks or lighting; builders and owners have be tweaking their rides to add personality and uniqueness.

There is no denying that one of the most noticeable customizations to a motorcycle is still the paint scheme. With harley motorcycle owners painting their rides all different kinds of cool, the motorcycle manufacture got a great idea. Why not allow their customers to choose a custom paint job right out of the factory, instead of having to take it to a paint shop after purchase.

Not only do allow custom paint, but in the cool promo video below, harley motorcycles are showcasing their hard candy custom paint jobs. Watch this fun clip and see if any of the paint jobs inspire you for your next customization or purchase.