High Speed Police Chase from Motorcycle Cop POV!



This is what a dramatic police chase looked like through the eyes of a US motorcycle cop as he sped after an alleged criminal and helped tackle him to the ground. Wearing a camera on his helmet, officer Troy Gurley chased motorist Justin Sanders through the streets of Florence, Alabama, with his siren blaring after the 24-year-old man failed to pull over on April 8.

The officer is seen gaining speed as the black car runs a number of stop signs and continues to ignore the police siren.Sanders swerves his car across a lawn in an attempt to escape but the chase continues to twist through suburban streets.The young man eventually pulls over and attempts to flee on foot, but is chased across a property by a number of police officers who have joined the pursuit.

The drama comes to an end when six officers tackle the man to the ground and handcuff him. Sanders was charged with drug, firearms and traffic offenses. In your opinion did the motorcycle cop do a good job of tailing the suspect? Would you have done anything different? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to like and share the post before you go!