Highs Speed Motorcycle Accident Finds Biker on Top of Camaro!



What this crazy motorcycle crash video, and how lucky this biker is to get out of this situation with only minor injuries. The video starts out as just a cool point-of-view shot of a guy enjoying a ride on his motorcycle. If you pay attention, you can see the chevy camaro muscle car off in the distance for a while, and as the biker turns and looks at something off to the right, you’ll notice he is rapidly gaining on the car. According to the biker, the car was slowing down without hitting the brakes, so he never noticed until it was too late. We thought he could have been paying attention a little better, but we see his point.

You know what happens next – he realizes the accident is imminent, and does his best to miss the car, but ends up rear-ending it. His motorcycle smashes into the back of the Camaro, throwing him up onto the roof of the car, and leaving his bike in ruins on the road behind. Other than a week or so of limping around, the biker was fine. Unfortunately, the same could not be said of his motorcycle. If you think he’s as lucky as we do, like and share the post before you go!