Huckfest is a Trophy Truck Fanatic’s Dream

pismo beach huckfest 2013 truck jumps



It doesn’t get much more entertaining than Huckfest, an annual event in Pismo Beach, California where a bunch of guys get together and see who can jump their trophy truck the farthest. If that doesn’t sound like a good time to you, we’re not sure you know the definition of the word “fun”. On these sand dunes in Southern California many years ago, a group of friends got together and started doing exactly what you see here – trying to find out who could jump their truck the farthest. The event grew by word-of-mouth, culminating in this year’s event, which drew an amazing 20,000 people.

This looks like the perfect spot for an event like this, and these guys are bringing their A-games. Check out the distance these trucks are able to fly. This year’s winner was DJ Baldwin, who was able to launch his truck an insane 425 combined feet! You can see they handed out trophies for other stuff as well, and all in all it looks like just a very cool event for people to gather at, watch trucks fly across the dunes, and just have a great time. That’s definitely something we can get behind. Let us know what you thought, and like and share if you enjoyed the video.