Insane Audi S5 Sports Car Drifting Accident in Russia


Russia’s First Loss of Olympic Week is an Audi S5 Drifting FAIL

Its a good thing drifting isn’t an olympic sport.. for Russians that is. I would actually love to see some souped up sports cars drifting through the snowy streets of Sochi, Russia! From the looks of this video however, russians might not want to give it another try.

The audi S5 sports car is no slouch by any means, the driver of the one is this video on the other hand… With the full time AWD and 350hp V8 on the quattro, you can surely get the wheels spinning in the german sports car. Something tells me when the owner of this audi spent the $80,000.00 he wasn’t planning on turning it into a wrecking ball. Lucky for us, thats exactly what he does here!


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