Insane Mud Truck Backflip at Michigan Mud Jam



We bet you’ve seen plenty of videos of different types of bikes pulling off backflips, but have you ever seen a mud truck execute one like this? Check out this awesome video of Cory Rummell doing just that – getting his mud truck up to speed then flipping off a giant mountain of dirt. Pretty crazy, right? This video was taken recently at Michigan Mud Jam, the self-proclaimed “biggest mud bog in Michigan”. Those are pretty bold claims, but since we have no evidence to the contrary, we’ll go with it.

There were tons of mud trucks on display for all to see, but Cory’s stunt stole the show. It’s being called the first ever backflip done in a mud truck, and based on our research we think they might be right. It’s ridiculous seeing a truck that big pull off a move usually reserved for much smaller vehicles. It almost appears the truck is going in slow motion as it flips through the air, but sure enough it lands on the wheels in a pretty flawless display. What did you guys think – pretty awesome? Be sure to let us know in the comments, and like and share if you enjoyed the show.