Instant Karma: Drunk Guy Trying to Punch Passing Cars!



Drunken Neighbor Attacking Cars and Getting His Just Deserved!

Who doesn’t love seeing justice prevail? It might have started out when we were younger. Watching superhero cartoons and movies. Most of us routed for the good guy, and loved to see justice win at the end of the episodes. Guess you can relate this hilarious clip to something like that.

With the drunken idiot being the bad guy. The passing cars being the unlucky citizens getting attacked by the bad guy. Of course no superhero story is complete without the hero. You can call the well timed cops the hero in this story.

Watch the video below, captured by the drunk man’s neighbor. You’ll see this guy walking down the center of the road, harassing passing cars. Yes, he’s picking fights with moving cars while on foot.. barefoot with no shirt on at that! Watch as a couple cars carefully dodge the man’s stumbling body as they pass by, until the man finally lands a haymaker on a passing 4 door dodge neon as its going about 30 mph!

You’ll love what happens next! Watch the video above and give it a ‘share’ if you liked it as much as us!