Is the Redbull Romaniacs Prologue The Toughest Motorcycle Enduro Course in the World?

Watch Johnny Walker’s POV of the Latest Redbull Romaniacs Prologue Race

Sure, you might have your doubts. You might have a wicked tough enduro race in mind that might give the redbull romaniacs prologue a run for its money. I guarantee your thinking of day long races in grueling weather conditions. Don’t get me wrong, they’re tough as hell too. Can you think of another race that is this as short, in fine weather conditions that is more difficult though?.. I didn’t think so.

Don’t take my word for it though. Once you watch the footage from Johnny Walker’s #3(UK) Go Pro helmet cam footage, you’ll be singing a different tune. There is no question in Walker’s motorcycle skill either. Watching him conquer almost all of these obstacles on the first lap, was more than impressive. From the root filled stump section, to the 2×4 crossings and tire ramps; this course looks intimidation for riders or all talents.


The course was designed by famed off-road mad scientist Andy Fazekas, whose talents can be seen around the world at most of the top indoor and outdoor enduro tracks. This is just the qualifier for the main redbull romaniacs enduro race. Contestants who don’t finish or give up, also loose 15 minutes off their race time!

Think you could handle a course like this in your prime? Me neither…

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