Jealous Bicycle Rider Kicks Over Kawasaki Motorcycle


Kicking Over a Man’s Motorcycle is Grounds for a Beating in any Language!

Get ready to be pissed off. If you are a motorcycle owner, you will be hard pressed to not get upset by the cyclist in this video. No matter if your a harley man, a street biker, or anything in between There is an unwritten rule of motorcycle abuse. Like kid brothers, although we don’t always get along with the different motorcycle communities, we do stick together when someone outside of the motorcycle offends or attacks any one of us.

This cyclist is more than lucky there wasn’t a motorcycle rider or biker in the distance. If any kind of motorcycle rider saw this take place, the cyclist would have been drop kicked in seconds! I don’t know if the guy has a problem with the owner of the honda motorcycle or is just jealous that he has to pedal still! No matter what karmas going to come around, and someone who sees this video will recognize this a-hole and justice will soon be served!

What would you do if you saw something like this happening in front of you? What do you think the cyclist was thinking? Be sure to share this video around and hopefully, we can get this dude his just deserved!

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