Jean-Claude Van Damme, This New Volvo Diesel Truck Ad is Crazy!


With over 16-million views in only three days on YouTube, Volvo trucks has a legitimate viral success with their new clip featuring Jean Claude Van-Damme performing his signature split between two long haul diesel trucks as they travel backward at a pretty good rate of speed. Volvo claims that the diesel trucks are in fact going backward and the tape is not being manipulated to just make it look that way. Volvo is rolling out two new diesel truck models this year and as one of the highlighted innovations, the steering system has been revamped and refined for greater precision and control by the drivers. This stunt was meant to illustrate that control.

Watch the video below and marvel at the sheer leg strength, balance, and bravery that JCVD displays in this death defying stunt. Volvo definitely hit a gold mine with this short ad, and we can only imagine what the diesel truck manufacture has next up its marketing sleeve. If you liked the video, be sure to ‘share’ the post before you go. Thanks for watching!