Jeep Grand Cherokee Fights a Pool and Looses!

jeep grand cherokee vs pool


Watch this funny clip of some canadian hooligans who find a new way to clean their jeep! We would reccomend against using an entire above ground pool to clean the dust off your jeep grand cherokee, or any other vehicle for that matter. Unless you have a disposable income, a pool your tired of, and a vehicle your ready to throw away.

These maniacs must either be mad at their old pool or their used jeep grand cherokee; but one way or another, we have found some entertainment. Now it would be unlikely this is a car insurance ploy, but if this baby was insured his payout might be better than the thing is worth at the moment. What do you think of this creative way to take down a backyard pool set up? If you liked the post, please be sure to ‘share’ it with your friends!