Jetman: The Man Turning Himself Into a Flying Rocket



Meet Yves Rossy, a Human Jetpack Who Uses His Body to Fly!

Holy Jetpack, Batman! All of you horsepower fans are not going to believe this crazy invention that lets Swiss pilot Yves Rossy fly through the air. Rossy uses a jet-powered wing to soar for up to 10 minutes at a time. His body actually becomes the plane. We at think this crazy awesome video is a must see!

The first few minutes give you a good idea of what Rossy can do with his jet wing. See him flying over the Grand Canyon, the Swiss Alps, the Strait of Gibraltar. The clips of him flying come from a three year span and include some neat tricks.

Then the video breaks down the mechanics of how this jet wing actually works with Rossy’s body to create a human powered plane. You’ll see Rossy doing tests in a lab that has a wind tunnel. When Rossy pushes his shoulders forward while wearing the wing, the plane takes a dive. When he arches his back, the plane climbs in altitude. To stop the plane and come in for a safe landing, he pulls on special stopper bars.

After you see him testing in the lab environment, you’ll watch as Rossy gets pushed out of a plane and free falls, getting closer and closer to the ground before he finally gets the wing open and begins to climb. There’s even a blooper on the video of Rossy falling into the sea when high-speed winds make it too difficult for him to continue flight.

jetman-flying-jet-pack-stunts  After 5 minutes of seeing Rossy fly with some of the world’s most amazing scenery as backdrop, you’ll get to meet the Jetman himself through a 10-minute TED talk that explains what it’s like to be a human jetpack. He says that he feels like a bird who is experiencing the miracle of flight when he is using his jet-powered wing. We at would love to see Rossy take his jet wing for a little joy ride.

Rossy custom made the Jetman himself after experimenting with prototypes of a skysurfing machine and an inflatable flying wing. Rossy made the first carbon wing in 2004, but needed to experiment further to get a wing that had the acceptable aerodynamics needed to really take off.

While you won’t see it in this short video, Rossy has achieved some pretty sick speed records with his human plane. His top descent speed is 189 miles per hour and his average speed is 120 miles per hour. The wing is made of carbon fiber and is the same sort of wing that you would find on an airplane. The set has a total wingspan of just under 8 feet.

At present, Rossy can only fall into flight after free falling from a plane. He is hard at work on a version of the jetman that lets him lift off from the ground. fans will love to hear that the new improved jetman 2.0 will also allow Rossy to do more acrobatics in the air. We’ll update you should we hear anything about his new flying wing.

Source: (Jetman)

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