John Hennessey Takes His C7 Corvette 200mph on Texas Toll Road



Cops Allow the New C7 Corvette to Hit 200 Mph on Texas Toll Road!

John Hennessey is the founder of Hennessey Motorsports, and just an all around good guy. How could you not be, when your job is testing the performance limits of brand new, souped up american muscle cars? I would have to work hard keeping a ear to ear grin OFF my face all day!

In the video below John Hennessey takes his 700hp nitrous fed C7 Chevrolet Corvette to the limit, on the new texas toll road. Just to be clear, the limit was 200.06 mph! This was the first time the new C7 Corvette broke the 200 mark!

Watch as he takes off and listen to the sounds of the Hennessey Corvette. This thing sound beautiful, and the looks are starting to grow on me already! You get a onboard view as well as many others, so you can really experience just how fast he is going! The end is probably the coolest thing about the video, as you get to see what it would look like from the cop’s perspective, when a corvette comes speeding by at 200 mphs! Holy Hell this was Awesome! Be sure to ‘share’ the clip if you thought so too, and definitely don’t try to out run the new texas toll road, it was proven here that they can still read your plate at 200+