Lady Captures Horrible Nissan Truck Accident on Her Phone



If you’ve watched the news at all the past couple of days, you may have seen this short video clip of a truck that was towing a lawn mower veering into the median, then launching over the guardrail and off the highway. The video is extremely frightening, and the driver of the truck was extremely fortunate to have survived the accident, though he was taken to the hospital with fairly significant injuries.

There isn’t a lot of info yet as to what exactly happened, but this video should serve as a reminder to all of us to pay attention on the road. An accident can happen in the blink of an eye, and a momentary lapse in concentration can be just enough to cause such an incident. It’s extremely ironic that the woman who took the video was pointing her phone at the truck at that very instant, and it’s certainly no wonder, considering how shocking the video is, that it’s been seen millions of times on different platforms across the world. Nonetheless, we all wish the best for the driver of this truck.