Man Rents a Jet Ski on Vacation and Can’t Handle the Power


You will not believe this jet ski fail video! One very lucky woman has an amazing story to tell for the rest of her life.

What Your Going to See Below

The video seems to be shot at some tropical paradise. A young woman sits on a jet ski that she has just rented, posing for her friend’s video. She’s smiling and waving at her friend, getting ready ot ride the waves. All of a sudden her facial expression changes and she bolts off the jet ski as she realizes that another jet ski is headed straight for her! Thank goodness she has a fast hustle, let’s just say.

She gets out of the way and is safely on the beach by the time the other jet ski crashes right into hers and then launches up into the air, over the woman’s jet ski, and onto the beach. The jet ski comes to rest down the beach, and both of its passengers are thrown into the air. One of then gets right up, but the other appears to be hurt. Thank god these two landed on the sand, is all we have to say!

Sports jet skis like the type shown in the video are capable of speeds up to 60 mph. Dare we say that crashing off a high speed jet ski onto the beach could have been a deadly or life-altering accident for these two folks!

We don’t get to see where they came from and why they were heading toward the shore at such a fast pace. We do know that users are subject to the same marine rules as other watercraft, which includes regulations regarding speeds, wake, and right of way of other watercraft.


Jet Ski and Watercraft Safety

Jet skis are pretty easy to use, but if you’ve never been on one before then you want to be a responsible rider and make sure you know how to use it. Tourists, if you are renting jet skis on vacation, please be careful! Find out how to safely operate the jet ski before you head off on your boating adventure. Even if you’ve been on a jet ski before, the model you’re riding may operate differently from others you have used so cool it till you get a handle for how the jet ski handles. This first couple probably did not know what they were doing and definitely caused some damage to the jet skis in the video. We at ALH loves to see horsepower and we love jet skis, but this could have been a fatal accident. Luckily, the woman in the video had lightning reflexes and was able to get away.

Well, watch this videos cause it’s funny as hell and everyone makes out okay in the end. But please, definitely do not try this one at home or on vacation.
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