Merry Michau is the UK’s Hottest Motorcycle Photographer

merry michau women motorcycle photographer


Very cool video here of Merry Michau, a motorcycle photographer who also owns and rides a Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883. We’ve seen tons of pics and videos of biker babes in various states of undress posing alongside and on top of motorcycles, but it’s pretty cool to hear from a woman who actually really likes bikes and has made a career out of photographing them. You can tell from the way Merry talks about motorcycles, and her bike in particular, that she really does have a deep passion for motorcycles, and that shows in her work.

She’s not just riding a stock Harley, either – check out the funky customization of her Sportster, mostly done with hand-made accents and custom-fabricated pieces. That’s one very cool custom bike, and we also really like her photography. She brings a very modern and artistic talent to photographing bikers and their motorcycles, and you can see she definitely has talent. Don’t get us wrong – we love checking out the buxom biker babe calendars and videos as much as the next guy, but a true Harley-loving chick? Well, that’s pretty damn awesome, too. Like and share if you agree.