Mike Ryan Tears Up the Docks With His Supercharged Freightliner Race Truck!


How much do we love this crazy amazing stunt Freightliner race truck and this video from professional stunt driver Mike Ryan?!? Size Matters 2 is a follow-up video to Mike Ryan’s first gymkhana style stunt video and it’s even better than the original. You have got to see this.


The Action

This video was shot at the Matson Shipping Port in Long Beach harbor. It’s a working dock that is chock full of trucks, cranes, police cars, employees, and other obstacles. The whole shoot has a smoky yellow glow that adds to the mystique of the video and brings to mind the high-octane fuel emissions coming out of these over-horsepowered vehicles.

With stunt drivers Daniel Leavitt, a relative newcomer to the scene, in the car, and pro Mike Ryan in the Castrol Oil Freightliner truck (equipped with a Banks Power 8.3 liter Super Charger engine) drifting through the docks yard, this video is intense. Watch both drivers tear around this course, fueled by a backbone of pumping techno music.

The video covers a lot of territory in 5 minutes. The fun starts when one dock hand grabs onto the back of the semi and lets it pull him along, sparks flying off his shoes. Then the two vehicles slalom through an obstacle course of Matson shipping containers, nearly hitting a big rig before taking a super tight turn into an alcove and doing doughnuts. They nearly buzz a security car, which drives on two wheels before coming back to the ground. The semi goes up a ramp and jumps 5 cars before coming down safely. You can see the bobble head doll shaking on the dash. It’s these little touches that makes this video really come to life.

There’s a sweet little narrative in the video, where all of the dock hands are inspired by the unreal race car action. That just makes it more fun to watch.

The Drivers

mike-ryan-drives-2400hp-diesel-race-truckMike Ryan in the Freightliner is an amazing driver who became interested in stunt driving at an early age and is best known for his success in the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. Ryan had experience driving big rigs from a teen job at a nursery, so applying his stunt knowledge to semis came naturally. He puts that truck through some super tight turns and majorly impressive moves in Size Matters 2.

Daniel Leavitt in the race car, a Nissan 240SX, also shows off some impressive moves. Just 20 years old, Leavitt is a top drift driver and the son of two industry legends. It’s a great chance to see a new pro rising.

Another real star of this video may be the Mercedes EDGE camera, a Mercedes ML 63 modified camera car featuring an EDGE arm.

Many of the top names in stunt driving came together to make this video, which was produced by Double Entente Films. There’s absolutely no CGI in this video — everything you see really happens. The top Hollywood talent makes this one a quick 5-minute summer blockbuster that’s perfect for your lunch break or anytime you need a little extra horsepower.
Source: ( mylifeatspeed.com )