Mom Drives 900 Horsepower Mitsubishi 3DX Evo



We brought you a video yesterday of a grandmother who gets pretty frightened riding in a Nissan GT-R, but this video of a middle-aged mom driving her son’s 900 HP Mitsubishi 3DX Evo might just top that one! If you see a car like this take off and fly by you on the highway, you pretty much always assume it’s just some punk kid out for a joy ride. Imagine the surprise you’d feel if you pulled up and instead of a young kid found a 60-year-old lady staring back at you.

This video is really cool, and it’s evident this lady has driven a stick before and knows what she’s doing. The guys attempting to video from the car behind her are cracking up at the fact that she’s really gunning it, and they’re having a hard time keeping up! Make sure you watch the whole video – near the end, she gets up over 140 miles-per-hour! We would have loved to see the look on a cop’s face if one had pulled her over – you know that would not at all be what he would have expected! Kudos to this cool mom for not being afraid to get behind the wheel and show these young guys that she can handle herself on the road as well as they can. Like and share if you enjoyed watching.