Monster Energy’s 850 HP Trophy Truck Showing Off



Check out this awesome short film put out by Monster Energy drinks featuring B.J. Baldwin and his insane trophy truck, a beast of a machine that boasts 850 horsepower and 34 inches of suspension. Well what did you expect – you know of another vehicle that can blaze across the Mojave Desert at speeds of 150 miles-per-hour? Yeah, neither do we.

This trophy truck also seems like the perfect vehicle for picking up damsels in distress in the middle of nowhere, and oh look – there happens to be one of those, too! All kidding aside, this really is a bad-ass truck that we’d love an afternoon to play with in the middle of nowhere. B.J. is no slouch – he’s a 4-time off-road champion, and he drives the hell out of this Monster truck and seems to love every minute of it. The only question left for us is where can we get one of these beauties? Oh, we’d love a truck, too. What do you guys think – pretty cool video? If you thought so, make sure to like it and share it.