Motorcycle Narrowly Avoids Horrible Accident With Semi



If you need any further confirmation of just how quickly things can change on the road ahead of you, just take a look at this video. We all know that a brief distraction can lead to devastating results, and this biker is lucky to escape with just a warning – and his life!

Something catches the motorcyclist’s eye very briefly; since he’s wearing a helmet cam, we can see his eyes look off the right side of the road very briefly. By the time he turns his attention back to the road, he realizes too late that traffic has come to a halt due to a tractor trailer making a hard right turn. He does the only thing he can to avoid a head-on collision – he lays down the motorcycle and skids to a halt right up against the side of the semi. His bike comes to rest just in front of the semi’s back right tires, and somehow avoids being crushed, evidently due to the driver of the truck realizing what’s happened. Like and share if you think this guy should be thanking his lucky stars that he and the bike made it out in fairly good shape.