Motorcycle Performs a 3 Mile Wheelie, Then Avoids Police Roadblock

motorcycle does 3 mile wheelie and avoids roadblock


Check out this crazy video of a guy on a street bike doing a wheelie for over 3 miles, then finding a creative escape route for he and his buddies once they realize there’s a police roadblock up ahead. Personally, we think stunts like this ought to be kept to closed off areas instead of on the open road like this. That being said, the feat itself is impressive – we don’t know a lot of guys who could even come close to keeping a wheelie going for 3 miles, so we’ll give this guy his due for that.

He drops that wheelie pretty quickly, though, when he realizes what’s up ahead – some sort of police roadblock or checkpoint set up, and these riders have no interest in finding out what it’s all about. Before reaching the officer set-up, they pull a 180 and hightail it back up the wrong way of the exit ramp, passing another police cruiser as they do. We guess that officer didn’t feel like messing with this group of bikers, because as far as we can tell, he didn’t give chase. What did you guys think of the video – pretty sweet ride, or you think these guys are idiots asking to get pulled over? Let us know, and like and share if you enjoyed the video.