Motorcyclist Goes One For Two Avoiding Accidents



We thought it was this rider’s lucky day, as he narrowly avoids hitting a car at this round-a-bout, only to plow right into the back of another car about 5 seconds later. Most people don’t come this close to having 2 accidents within 6 months of each other, and this guy does it twice before you can blink. The first one wouldn’t have been his fault. Although he does sort of come out of nowhere, the car clearly disregards the yield sign and just shoots out into traffic, and the biker is able to brake and avoid a collision. Too bad the video doesn’t stop there…

Perhaps still recovering from almost getting into the first accident, he’s not so lucky a 2nd time, and this one is squarely on him. A cab up ahead is waiting to turn left, and for some unknown reason the biker decides to pass the taxi driver…on the inside. How stupid can you be? It should be fairly obvious that if the taxi wants to turn left, you don’t pass on the left! Definitely a boneheaded move by this motorcycle rider, and one that he hopefully won’t make again. Be sure to like and share if you enjoyed the video, and let us know if you’ve done something stupid like this on your bike – we promise not to laugh!