Motorcyclist Helps Out Elderly Lady in Need



Check out what happens when a Canadian on a motorcycle sees an opportunity to help an elderly woman who has gotten her electric scooter stuck. It’s truly amazing the small random acts of kindness that can happen when we look for opportunities to help others! And with the recent influx of videos we’ve gotten showing these good deeds performed by bikers, we’re starting to sense a new attitude towards motorcycle riders in general. That’s definitely a cause we’ll help with all we can!

Our good-hearted Canadian biker is driving along and notices something peculiar on the side of the road – an elderly woman in an electric scooter stuck who has gone off the sidewalk and is unable to move. It would have been easy to just keep cruising and hope for the best, but instead the biker pulls into the nearby parking lot, gets off his bike, and assists in moving the lady’s electric scooter so she’s back on the sidewalk and able to keep going. It took maybe 2 minutes out of his day, but we guarantee it made him feel good, and this lady probably couldn’t stop talking about it for days. Nice going by this friendly biker, and we hope to keep seeing videos like it. Promote random acts of kindness like this – like and share and show others what can happen when everybody looks for opportunities to help others!