Mountain Ride Surprise: Harley Motorcycle Hits Deer at High Speed!


Wow. There really are no words to express the surprise this motorcycle rider must have felt when suddenly confronted with an unavoidable impact with this deer. Even watching the video and knowing the deer is coming doesn’t really prepare you, and to be honest, we still had a hard time picking up the deer until the moment before the crash occurs. Of course, thinking about it from the deer’s perspective, we suppose it was just as surprised by the crash, too.

Massive kudos go out to the biker in this video, though. A lesser man would have possibly wiped out and suffered a fate possibly as bad as our four-legged friend, but this harley davidson biker manages to stay upright and come to a controlled stop after going through that ordeal. That takes serious skills – and stones, as well. Any of you ever had an incident like this while out riding? Keep your eyes peeled right after 4:50 to catch the deer. Be sure to ‘share’ the page if you feel for the guy (and the deer) in this video.