Muddy Russian Girl is All Smiles in Her Off-Road Toyota!



Even when she is neck deep in muddy water, this cute russian off-road racer doesn’t stop smiling! There are a few things that are certain in this world, and this cutie being wifing material is one of them. Watch as she takes instruction without hesitation, even as the muddy water is rushing into her off-road toyota SUV.

We don’t know if she ever made it through the tough muddy pass, but she definitely didn’t seem to scare from the challenge. This was a recent race from PRO-X (Projecct Russian Off-Road) These guys put together some really gnarly races, that pit some of the most modded out off road vehicles against some of the worlds toughest terrains. Would you have been able to take your off-road truck, jeep, or SUV through something this deep? If you liked her effort be sure to ‘share’ the post before you go.