Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T Gets Spanked by a Mobility Scooter

skyline gts vs worlds fastest mobility scooter


You wont believe your eyes! Watch the video below to see one of the craziest things you will see behind the wheel of really any car. This nissan sports car has many notches on its belt of drag race wins from 4 bangers to v-8’s, but it will have to rub some of those out after this performance! How many people want to have to admit losing straight up to a mobility scooter?

If you find yourself having to explain losing to this crazy fast scooter, be sure to mention that it was a 600cc custom made scooter. The Garage Insanity team built this puppy for speed! With a capable top speed of 140 mph this rig was named the worlds fastest mobility scooter. Watch it in action below when the nissan skyline race car gets beat off the line and watch the end where they play a little on the return road!

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