Off-Road Flying Tractor Racing is Farm Equipment On Steroids



Tucked in the Western side of Russia is the Oblast of Rostov A.K.A the Bison Track Show. While it sounds like a pony ride on wildebeests, this event is anything but a pony ride. This is a wild west, Wild Bill Hickock kind of show that features racing tractors. Yes, as in farmers gone bad.

In fact, bad is the perfect word for what happens here. It is not to be encouraged. It is not to be viewed. Good people should just turn their heads and walk away. Except you can’t. You don’t want to avert your gaze. You want to watch it all unfold right before your eyes. And in all reality, you should.


The Crazy Tractor Race AKA The Bison Track Show

The Bison Track Show is a tractor race like you have never seen. The track is a laid out as a series of obstacles that the tractors must either avoid or overcome. By the way, we are not talking about tractors that chug along, these are mad monsters that reach speeds of 70 KPH. Now, 70 KPH may not seem Corvette fast, but you have to consider that these beasts of burden are not designed to be responsive during hard cornering. In a tractor, 70 KPH is a white knuckle, fear inducing, adrenaline junky overdose of speed.

The Track That Challenges These Off-Road Tractor Racers

The track is insanity. It is an elliptical oval with mud pits that are deep and sloppy. By deep we mean 4-5 feet deep. By sloppy, we mean that waves of mud slap about the pit every time a tractor attempts the rite of passage. By the way, the mud pit is the only place where you can pass your opponent. Things get sloppy in the pits.


Two tractors race around the course until one crosses the finish line. The obstacles include flaming gates and road berms along the drier part of the course. The flying tractor part comes into play when one of these beasts hits the road berms and gets air born. How an air born tractor lands is anyones guess because they were never designed to leave the ground. Some pull off the maneuver like the Bullitt Mustang cresting the streets of San Francisco while others land and hope on four wheels. Each air born obstacles is exciting. In fact, the entire affair is exciting enough to draw in a crowd of 30,000 enthusiastic fans. 30,000 people attending a tractor race is amazing, and this is not even in Kansas.


Why the Maddness?

The Bison Track Show is sponsored each year by Bizon. Bizon is a manufacturer of agriculture machinery. The even it designed to capture the attention of Russian teens and young adults and to rekindle the love of agriculture in the younger generation. The show is the epitome of “Work hard Play hard,” and it is working. The record size crowds are happy to sit and be entertained by the Russian Flying Tractor Race. Such an event makes the State Fair look kind of dull in comparison. Do we have anything on this scale in the U.S.? We have tractors. Can we make them fly? What say you readers?