Official [HD] Trailer: ‘Road to Smoke Out’ a Motorcycle Movie




If you don’t see another movie all year, be sure this is the last one you see! If you have been around the custom chopper scene for any amount of time, you have to have heard of the Smoke Out Bike Rally. Well, this motorcycle video from the guys that brought you “Choppertown”, will bring you into a VIP view of the massive party!

From Choppertown producer, Zack Coffman and Greg “Edge” Scheuer, promoter of the Smoke Out Rally. The film captures the experience of the original garage-built chopper rally and the culture of infamous biker magazine The Horse Backstreet Choppers. The story of real men and women who burn the midnight oil with wrenches in their hands and grease under their fingernails. Not to mention the ever so beautiful biker babes that flock to these events. Watch the official high quality trailer below and let us know what you think.

You can now buy the full DVD released this month by following this link to Choppertown’s website.