Parking In Russia is Even Worse Than Driving in Russia



If you’ve seen enough videos on this site, you know that driving in Russia is a nightmare. There’s a reason people over there almost always have dash cams, and we’ve seen everything from cars purposefully running each other off the road and attempting to hit pedestrians to having to watch out for tanks crossing the road. We really thought we’d seen it all…until we saw how Russians park.

Good. Lord. Those yellow lines are there for a reason, guys. We can’t fathom pulling into the local Publix parking lot and attempting to find a parking spot in that mess. That’s just chaos. When we see even one car parked like that, our first reaction is to box the idiot in or key their car – but this? This would make us want to go find a bulldozer and just move every last car out of the way. Maybe all of the road rage we’ve witnessed on videos out of Russia stems from the fact that everyone is so angry because nobody has a freaking clue how to park. Forget defensive driving class – someone sign these guys up for parking lessons! What do you think you would do if you pulled into a parking lot like this? Let us know what you think, and be sure to share this unbelievable video with others so they can see it for themselves…otherwise they might not believe you.