Pit Crew Member Taken Out By Flying Tire

pit crew memeber gets hit by flying tire


Being on a pit crew is obviously a tough job, but it’s made more hazardous when there are other race cars and tires flying right at you! That’s exactly what a couple of members of Indycar driver Will Power’s crew found out recently when they were nailed by a tire when Scott Dixon attempted to exit his pit space. Adding even more controversy is the fact that Dixon was assessed a drive-through penalty, even while alleging the member of Power’s crew who was carrying the tire got into his space and caused the accident. Dixon ended up finishing 15th in the GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma because of the penalty and, as fate would have it, Power won the race.

Dixon was fired up after the race, alleging the member of Power’s pit crew walked in front of him on purpose. We find that extremely hard to believe – we understand competitive guys wanting to find an advantage every way they can, but that’s downright foolish and dangerous. We do, however, feel the pit crew member got a little careless and crossed into Dixon’s path, but probably on accident. Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain – these pit crew members are lucky they weren’t hit directly by the car, which would almost certainly have caused even worse injuries. Hopefully these guys will be a bit more careful at next week’s race. If you agree, and if you watched this crazy video, be sure to like and share it.