Plane Crashes During Diesel Truck Drag Test in Iceland



Plane Crashes in Front of Drag Truck in Iceland

This is not something you see everyday! As a matter of fact, this is not something you never see. If you can put yourself in the shoes (or seat) of the driver in this diesel truck. You can only imagine the horror and confusion he must have felt.

While getting ready for a test run in his diesel pick up truck, at a temporary drag strip in Iceland, this driver’s onboard camera captured a deadly plane crash. Whats been gathered from the web, is that this horrific accident actually happened back in august, but was just recently released to the public.

The plane was carrying 3 passengers, and only one of them (the co-pilot) survived the crash. He has not spoken out to the press since the crash, but its said that he was warning the pilot of the low flying maneuver shortly before he lost control. Our thoughts go out to the families of the pilot and the medic passenger who did not survive the wreck.

Makes you think… Next time your picking your seats at your next NHRA drag racing event, you not only need to consider the possibility of a crashed drag car or pick up truck coming your way, now we need to worry about crashing planes over head. Guess its best to just keep stuff like that out of your mind. I mean, these are fluke occurrences, that we can only hope do not happen again. Watch the video footage below, and see exactly what the pick up truck driver saw from the cab of the race truck!