Police Boat Hits and Sinks Another Boat





We’ve seen enough videos to say with a fair amount of certainty that being a cop doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a good driver. We’ve seen officers wreck squad cars, flip motorcycles, and now we’ve got a new one – a police boating accident that you can pin solely on the shoulders of the officer driving the boat.

The guy who shot this video had perfect timing – he grabbed the camera and turned it on just in time to catch this accident. The police officer in the boat is traveling pretty fast and attempts to make a quick right turn, but he waited too long. He slams the boat into 2 others, and according to the description one of those other boats actually sank! However, the officer stuck around, owned up to the accident, and made sure everything was written up properly. However, with that many people standing around to witness the whole incident, did he really have a choice? Sometimes it’s good to see a reminder that the boys in blue don’t always get it right, and aren’t always perfect. If you enjoyed watching this crazy video, be sure to like and share.