Police Helicopter Breaks Up Honda Civic Street Race



You know what’s funnier than watching a bunch of crappy Honda Civics try to street race? Seeing it broken up by a police helicopter, then watching these guys run for their lives! We’ve never seen guys run so fast as when the chopper shows up and that spotlight hits the ground – these guys know they’ve been found, and it very quickly becomes every man for himself!

These drivers pull out all the stops in their attempts to flee, speeding through traffic, cutting off their lights, and even hiding out under bridges. Who needs Grand Theft Auto V when you can just reenact it in real life? Of course, the consequences are a bit more severe if these guys got nabbed. Don’t think they’d get off just by paying a $200 fine. It does appear that these guys we’re riding along with get away, but we’d be willing to bet the police will have ample opportunities. Something tells us this thrilling chase isn’t going to discourage these guys from jumping right back out there and racing again at the first chance. Let us know what you thought of the video, and don’t forget to like and share.