Porsche 997 Turbo VS Sleeper Go Kart on Steroids!

porsche 997 turbo sports car races go kart on steroids


Check out this crazy video! All too often we see showdowns between super cars or muscle cars, even a luxury sports car vs motorcycles. Its rare when we get a video like this in one in our inbox though. This drag racing video has a bit of a twist.

Watch in the video below as this sleeper go kart on steroids takes on a 3.6L Porsche 997 Turbo sport car. If you had to put money on a race like this, the choice would be simple. Come on, a porsche? Not this time however, yes the porsche has a higher top speed. The cars were meant for the autobahn. This crazy go kart doesn’t care about the top speed though. Watch as he just straight up smokes the porsche off the line! Even missing some shifts, this little go kart is impressive. Just another reminder that you can’t judge a book by its cover!