[RAW] Brazilian Thief Gets Shot While Trying to Steal a Motorcycle

brazilian bike thief gets shot trying to steal motorcycle

The following video is not for the faint of heart. Over the weekend a brazilian motorcyclist caught a robbery in action on his go pro helmet cam. The scary robbery he filmed was the one actually happening to him. Just as he is riding his honda motorcycle down the road, he finds himself in a situation that none of us would ever want to be in.

Watch as he slows down to yield for traffic in the turn lane, when two motorcycle robbers pull up next to him attempting to steal his motorcycle at gun point. The motorcyclist does what any of us would do, and let the bike go immediately. That’s what motorcycle insurance is for, especially with the video capturing the incident for the insurance claim. However, there is a bit of twist to this crazy motorcycle robbery!

Keep in mind this is in Brazil, where the crime and death rate are much more concerning than other countries. Police officers have been forced to use a more serious approach in deadly and dangerous situations. Like the situation taking place in this video. Unfortunately, for the motorcycle thief, he picked the wrong intersection and finds himself quickly becoming the one at gun point. We are not sure if the thief made it out of this situation alive, but we are definitely sure we don’t plan on taking a new motorcycle for a spin on brazilian roads anytime soon! Do you think the undercover officer was wrong in his actions? Let us know in the comments below, don’t forget to like and share the post before you go!