Reckless Drifting Dodge Charger Crashes at Car Show!



Watch this poorly skilled dodge charger owner have a really bad morning in the video below! Drifting is something fun to watch when the driver of the car doing the drifting knows what he is doing. When it is an amateur driver attempting a drift, it can be just as fun for purely different reasons. This is a reason why people drift cheap cars.

The driver of this mopar edition dodge charger muscle car learns his lesson the hard way. Not only does he wreck his new car, but he does it in front of tons of people and of course the entire world wide web! Watch as the dodge charger tries to show some of his assumed car drifting talents while leaving a car show in Mesa, AZ. He quickly learns that a little more gas is not always the answer. His poor throttle control has no chance of saving the squirly back end from whipping around and crashing the dodge charger right into a concrete barrier. We can’t help feel bad for the pretty mopar edidtion dodge charger, and hope that this moron learned his lesson and quits ruining nice muscle cars in the future. Hope he had car insurance!