Remembering Ken Nelson’s Cool Bus School Bus


Ken Nelson’s Cool Bus School Bus Gets Vertical in This Epic Wheelie!

If any of you rode the bus to school as a kid, you must remember what happened when the bus driver was running late. It was that sort of special situation where the office staff would come over the loud speaker and make first period teachers aware that your bus was late and you have a golden pass to not be harassed this morning. You could take the most scenic route, and enjoy water from every fountain on the way to your first class!

The excuse “my bus was late” would never work on Ken Nelson’s route. Ken who passed away late 2011 was an american drag racing icon. If you were part of the drag racing world from the early 2000 years, you know that there weren’t many more sought after attractions than the “Cool Bus School Bus”

Ken built this amazing wheel standing monster to look like a classic Bluebird school bus, in an attempt to make a good impression on kids, making school cool. This school bus sure was cool!


Ken Nelson’s “Cool Bus” is a one-of-a-kind drag racer built to look like a school bus. The Cool Bus’ body was handcrafted out of aluminum and fiber glass by Nelson himself. The bus gets it power from a rear-mounted, alcohol-fueled, blown and injected big block Chevrolet engine that puts out 1000hp. At 20 feet the Cool Bus is thought to be the longest wheelbased wheelstander ever built.

From everything you can read about him, Ken was a stand up guy (no pun intended) and his passion lives on through the many fans he had touched with his devotion to making people smile one loud and powerful wheelstand at a time. Watch the video below of the Cool Bus in action, and please give the post a ‘share’ if you liked it as much as us!

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