Road Rage Escalates to Motorcycle Accident



In the words of Ron Burgundy, “boy, that escalated quickly”. What begins with a car cutting off the guy on the motorcycle to avoid a group of cars stopped up ahead ends up with the same car purposefully slamming into the bike. We can tell you up front that neither party is a sympathetic figure here – yeah, ok, the car cuts off the biker, but it’s the guy on the motorcycle who escalates things by boxing in the car and slowing down, and then getting off his bike and confronting the driver of the car. And of course, the driver of the car started the whole incident, and he certainly finishes it once he backs into the motorcycle at full speed. Both guys acted like idiots and should be embarrassed by the whole sequence.

After getting cut off, the motorcyclist just can’t let it go, honking at the guy in the car, then speeding up and passing him and boxing him in with the assistance of his buddies. The car ends up getting ahead of the group, but they catch up, and the biker ends up getting off his motorcycle while traffic is stopped, attempting to open the driver’s door, then antagonizing him and attempting to hit him through his rolled down window. When the car takes off, it appears to be over…right up until he throws it in reverse and crashes into the biker and the bike. The whole thing is just ridiculous and could have been avoided if either of these morons could have rationally handled the situation. Let us know your thoughts, and don’t forget to like and share.