Roar on the Shore 2013: Motorcycle Crashes Into 2 People!

roar on the shore motorcycle accident hits 2 people




The Roar on the Shore is an annual motorcycle rally held in Erie, Pennsylvania. This past event had a great turn out once again and was a hit among the biker community. However, there was an incident involving a hit and run with a motorcyclist and a pedestrian. This incident was caught on tape and you can see the video below.

Rumors were that the bikers “clutch was stuck”… yah if thats the case don’t flee the scene of the crime. As you can see in the video below the motorcycle rider attempts to do a burnout like some of the other bikers before him and looses control nailing two pedestrians in the process. Yes, they were standing really close, but that could be a reason not to do speeding burnout at the moment. Nonetheless, the driver of the reckless motorcycle flees the scene when he heard the police sirens and the pedestrian is taken to the hospital. He was in his late 30’s and sustained some serious injuries preventing him from working. It was noted he enlisted counsel of an accident attorney and is persuing damages presently. What do you think happened? Is it the pedestrians fault for standing to close or the bikers fault for recklessly running them over? Let us know in the comments below!