Scarborough Lowrider Car Wheelie Hops with Idiot on Roof






Just when you thought lowrider owners couldn’t get anymore idiotic, they posted this video for us! Watch as these guys worked up for their performance, in the Lowrider rodeo at the 2013 iCandy Car Show held on Sunday September 22nd.

If you have ever been to one of these events, the object is to see how high up they can force the front of their ratty looking rides, using gas hydraulics that usually cost more than the cars themselves. You can imagine that gets pretty redundant. Well, spiken mike had an idea on how to spruce up his performance. Seems Mike was able to find some random idiot in the crowd and talk him into letting him trap the guy to his hood with a ratchet strap while he jumps his lowrider car. Thankfully for us and for the sake of the video, the well educated man said yes! Watch below as he gets thrown around and most likely received a concussion from the force of his head hitting the roof of the car as it slams back down on the ground after the pretty tall wheelie. The only I could watch again would be the lady with them missing pants at 0:37, that reminded us of the only reason to attend an event like this!