SOA: Opie Leaves With a Biker Beard Trim, Using a Samurai Sword!



SOA Behind the Scenes: Opie Gets a Biker Beard Trim with a Samurai Sword

If you followed Sons of Anarchy on FX at all, then you were familiar with Opie (actor Ryan Hurst). Opie was the best friend of the Jax Teller the main character in the Motorcycle Club Series. Last year Ryan Hurst’s Character Opie, left the show unexpectedly, and many fans were heart broken.

I’m sure many of you remember the episode in which he left the show for good. If you were like many, you didn’t really like the way the show had his character removed. Well, this video might resurrect your respect for Opie.

Watch as some of the crew share this emotional day with Opie as he lets go of his biker beard in manly fashion. If your going to get rid of your beard, typically we would assume that your face couldn’t handle the wait of manhood. In this case, Opie gets a couple man points back when he removes the beard with a samurai sword!

Watch the clip below and relive the experience. Be sure to ‘share’ with any of your SOA buds as they might not have known this went down on the dark day in SOA history!