Sport Biker on Kawasaki Motorcycle Gets Nailed By Ford Truck!



If you have ever ridden a motorcycle through city streets, you know how scary red lights can be. The video below reminds us why they are so scary. Wether we have the right of way or not, motorcyclist are not fully protected like a car. A little fender bender from a ran red light in a car is not too bad. The first thing that usually comes to mind is who is at fault so your car insurance deductibles don’t get affected. On a motorcycle, no matter how gentle the collision, there are always chances of broken bones and life threatening injures.

The video below shows a biker riding on the St. Louis streets with his reckless buddy, when all of the sudden a ford ranger runs a red light and takes out his kawasaki ninja zx-10r motorcycle. Fortunately, he seems to be ok but this was one lucky biker. Most of the time when a truck or car hits a motorcycle, you can almost always count on a hospital visit. Remember, just because its green doesn’t mean we can feel safe to ride through on our motorcycles. Always look both ways and be a defensive driver!