Stowaway Snake Surprise Motorcycle Rider at High Speeds!


Rider Gets a Scary Surprise on His Motorcycle

There aren’t too many that would cause me to purposely lay down my motorcycle. In fact I can’t even think of another scenario but this one, where I would just simply jump off my bike and ghost ride it to eternity.

Watch this crazy situation unfold as a Brazilian motorcyclist captures what might be the weirdest thing to happen to a biker in years. As you can see from the riders helmet cam, as soon as he begins to redline the motorcycle engine, this snake pops up from the revving motor for his first glimpse of stardom!

The snake must have crawled up into the engine wherever he had his motorcycle parked, (Bet he checks his engine thoroughly for now on). Kudos, to the rider for keeping his cool at 100+ mph, long enough to slow down and safely get off the bike. How many of you would have been able to do that? What would your reaction have been? Let us know in the comments section, and don’t forget to like and ‘share’ the post before you go! Thanks for watching.