Street Car Racing With a 1300 HP Mustang Cobra



If you’re into fast cars and street racing, we think you’ll enjoy watching drivers test out some pretty bad-ass cars on the streets of Texas in this video. We immediately fell in love with this twin turbo Ford Mustang Cobra that pushes 1300 horsepower, though in this video when it’s making passes it’s been turned down to 740 HP. And just in case you didn’t believe that first claim, there’s a clip of this bad boy on the dyno, where it puts down 1337 horsepower at 30 psi. It sounds awesome, too – listen early in the video as it passes by the camera. No doubt that’s a mean Mustang coming at you on the road.

We also really like this video, because so many times when you’re watching street racing videos it’s a bunch of clowns and douchebags trash-talking everyone and carrying a huge attitude. It’s cool to see some guys who enjoy fast cars, and can show some mutual respect and talk about all this in a respectful way. Hell, these guys even switch keys so the videographer, driving the Corvette ZR-1 you see here, can do some pulls with the Mustang. Very cool stuff. Don’t forget to like and share if you enjoyed the video.