The 1300hp Buckshot X-2R is the Ultimate Off-Road Racing Machine

In the Idaho Dunes, the 1300 HP Buckshot X2R Sandrail explores the power and thrill of the ultimate off-road buggy. The power and precision that Buckshot Racing builds into these buggies is easily captured in the video.

With enough power to pop wheelies going up hill and to get air born, as it crests the lip of the dune, ensures that off-roading in the $170,000 dune buggy is worthy of the price tag. The X2R features a 130 inch wheelbase and weighs in at 2950 pounds. It is 95 inches wide and 16 feet long, which is the perfect combination for trekking at high speeds across a movable surface.


Power, Control and Fun

The power plant rates 1300 horsepower from the big block Aluminum engine. Power is transferred to the 17 inch race Line Bead Lock channeled, knobby wheels via an Albins Sequential gearbox and the dual disc 12″ clutch. Stopping power is increased with the use of the front and rear 4-piston breaks. Steering is made easier with a 2.5 power steering system. Because this is a dessert ready vehicle the big block engine is cooled using a low-mounted radiator that is fed cool air from roof mounted air intake scoop. The Trophy Truck radiator and oil cooler help keep the X2R moving even in scorching conditions.


The Buckshot X2R is kept on track with a front and rear boxed Chromoly arms. Front and rear anti-sway bars help the buggy maintain a tight grip on the sand. Shocks are 3.0 KING Bypass units for the front and rear. Plenty of solid performance with enough cushion that every bounce is not bone-numbing.

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