Dumbest Harley Davidson Motorcycle FAIL This Decade!




Worst Harley Motorcycle FAIL this Decade? You Be the Judge!

There is a lot to be said to hold the honor of dumbest motorcycle fail of the decade. We all know there has been a lot of idiots caught on camera, doing something stupid on their motorcycles. The web is full of these funny videos of motorcycle crashes and fails.

We are sent multiple videos ideas daily from our fans and fellow bloggers, so we can confidently say we have seen a fair share of morons on motorcycles. This guy takes the cake though. There are a couple factors that came into play before ruling this specific biker’s crash the Fail of the Decade.

1. The fact that he thought he was so cool doing a stunt so boring.

2. The fact that he did this stupid stunt in the midst of little kids and pedestrians that could have easily been killed.

3. His now infamous “I’m gunna lock the throttle” quote to the camera, just before that same locked throttle runs his expensive motorcycle into a parked car/truck.

4. The video is short enough to enjoy over and over and over again!

What do you think? Does this D-bag deserve the Fail of the Decade award? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!