The Mullet Ford GT: Supercharged Twin Turbos and NOS Testing on the Dyno!


Dyno Testing the Twin Turbo Mullet Ford GT at Texas TX2K12!

Your going to want your speakers up for this clip! The sound of the supercharged twin turbo is absolutely beautiful! Ford fan or not, you can’t deny the Ford GT’s prowess. This clip will do nothing bust boost that prowess too.

Jason Steven’s 2005 Ford GT 1100 is like no other on the planet. With the help from Hennessy Performance and the addition of twin 67MM turbochargers, along with one of the most advanced fuel systems ever seen on a streetcar. Its no surprise this mean ford super car lays down a mind boggling 1140 rwhp!

In case you didn’t notice the “mullet” vanity plate or insane power plant in the rear, this Custom Ford GT is definitely “business in the front and party in the back”!

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