The Remote Control Stunt Plane That’s Flying Circles Around the Competition!



This Crazy Video of The Beast Will Have You Totally Rethinking Model Airplanes!

This model airplane pilot just completely shows gravity who is boss in this short stunt video. A must for all fans of horsepower, this video will have you thinking something different next time you see a guy with a remote controlled plane. Watch it to see what a model airplane can do in the hands of a skilled pilot with an impish personality. Your going to love it!

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The tiny plane is just barely off the runway before the pilot flips the plane upside down. Then he continues to fly it sideways for a while before bringing the plane down in a vertical position. Leaving the plane just inches off the runway with the nose pointing toward the sky, the pilot lets her spin and drift a bit before pulling her back up into the air. You can see tons of smoke just pouring out of the engine as he does this trick.

He lets her rip with some crazy speed, tearing through the sky to show you how fast she can go. Then it’s back to more stunts as he barrels the plane down the runway turning The Beast over and over, hanging vertical, doing some loops in the air, and going into a serious tailspin. He flies that plane upside down, right side up, vertical, and can take it in for a a landing with just one wheel on the ground.

the-beast-replica-remote-control-stunt-plane  Available from, the Beast is a biplane that flies like a monoplane and features a sick custom red and gold paint job on the exterior. It has a 100 cc engine, weighs 28 pounds, and can deliver up to 410 hp. Its roll rate is 370 degrees per second, so that should give you an indication of how fast this thing can flip in the air. It requires a steady hand on the controls and some model plane flying experience to handle The Beast.

The plane is made from fiberglass and comes with all of the hardware necessary for assembly. Knowledgeable model plane enthusiasts say that it comes together pretty quickly and that all of the pieces fit right out of the box. Before taking it on the runway, you only need to put together a few things and then it’s go time.

In case the video of The Beast doesn’t make it clear, this is not a simple stunt plane that you can get your kid for Christmas. This is for advanced hobbyists only, as it requires some serious skill to handle this baby. Those who have tried the Beast love it and speak to how easy it is to handle, how well it flies, and of course how many compliments they get from others who are jealous of their sweet plane. The Beast is a replica of a stunt plane that was piloted by Bryan Jensen of Beast Air Shows before he unfortunately died in a plane accident.

The plane is backordered from, which only speaks to its popularity among the model airplane crowd. If you want to get one yourself, be prepared to wait.

Source: (startribune)

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